It’s that time again! March Madness time!

We’ll send you a link to vote for your favorite books every 3 days. We’ll start with 16, then go to 8, 4, and then the championship.

The timeline will follow that of the actual March Madness Basketball tournament.

It’s okay if you haven’t read the books, you root for teams you don’t always follow right?

The voting will take you less than a minute. We will start after Spring Break. Thank you for participating.


Here are the top 16 books checked out for this school year between SoHi and SoPrep.

Title                                                                   Author

  1. The Hunger Games                                        Collins
  2. Amulet, Escape from Lucien                        Kibuishi
  3. The Outsiders                                                  Hinton
  4. The Gunslinger                                                King
  5. Hera: the goddess and her glory                O’Connor
  6. Hatchet                                                             Paulsen
  7. The Death Cure                                              Dashner
  8. 1984                                                                  Orwell
  9. Wonder                                                            Palacio
  10. City of Bones                                                   Clare
  11. Hush, Hush                                                      Fitzpatrick
  12. Sisters                                                               Telegemeier
  13. Marked                                                             Cast
  14. Falling Up                                                         Silverstein
  15. Lockdown                                                        Smith
  16. The Dark Prophecy                                        Riordan
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